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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Day Nine: Fed, watered and washed....

Day Nine: Tuesday 9th January 2008

At last! - Hot water, comfortable bed, carpet, no squat toilet, no mosquitos in the room, food that is something other than rice and something....we've arrived in Varanasi!
After somehow ending up on the National Highway towards Kolkatta after a couple of wrong turns in pitch darkness, we do what the Indians do and simply turn around and drive in the wrong direction back down the dual carriage way and continue down the slip road the wrong way with cars and trucks beeping the bejesus out of us. We pitch up at on old stamping ground at 8pm.

You either love or hate Varanasi, for us it's our third visit to what we consider the most fascinatng place in India. We meet an old friend in "Bully" our previous rickshaw driver.

Day Nine: Khatni to Varanasi
Total Daily Distance: 394kms
Total so far: 2970kms
Total Distance to go: 1530kms

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