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Monday, 19 January 2009

Home for the Elderly: Brand new website!

I'm pleased to announce that the brand new website for the charity 'Home for the Elderly' is now online. Please visit our website for information how you can help support us and how you can make a donation or sponsoring a nursing bed.

Pashupati Briddhshram ("Old Home") is the largest old people's home in Kathmandu, Nepal - Home to 238 residents, but only 9 care workers.

These neglected souls live in appalling, inhumane conditions. Some are blind, mentally ill or physically disabled, with many requiring constant medical attention and care.

Due to a lack of funding the home is marred by an acute shortage of everything, from a basic water supply, electricity and care workers.

Home for the Elderly was established to help fund essential criteria of the "Old Home" including nursing beds, heating, electricity generators and medical supplies.

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