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Friday, 12 December 2008

Berlin Marathon fundraising update: Painting day for Orphans in Cambodia

"Team Runny Honney" - A small band of merry-men including myself and 11 foolish "athletes" where put together to run the Berlin Marathon and in doing so raise money for the Cambodia Trust, an organisation our intrepid leader John Honney works for in the warmth of Phenom Penh.
A quite staggering final amount raised is in the region of £20,000. I can't thank the good people who sponsored my personal efforts in participating in the marathon and helping towards the tremendous amount of money raised.

In a heart warming email from John is details on how some of the money has been spent on organising a painting day for local Orphans in Phenom Penh, Cambodia.

The photo above along with the following note from John pinged into my inbox this week:

Hi All,
A long story, but on Saturday just gone, I organised a painting day, originally for 40 orphans, but by the end of the day we must have had double that splishing and splashing all over the place.
I will do a fuller account in due course, but for now, a few piccies are attached for a little 'ahhh' moment.



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