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Thursday, 28 August 2008

The German Invasion - Berlin Marathon 2008

I knew that the years running around the housing estate slums of West London from the Rozzers would one day come in handy. The next challenge ahead in my ever complicated life, is shifting my 14 stone frame around the streets of Berlin in the forthcoming Marathon on the 28th September.

It's all John Honney's fault by the way. As you may have read about our chief organiser in my latest blog post "If it wasn't for John Honney...", he has assembled a team of a dozen QPR supporters to participate iin the Berlin Marathon for The Cambodia Trust - a charatable organisation he is currently working with in Pehnom Pehn.

Having being enlisted as a member of the said assembled QPR crew some 15 months ago, the fact that only five weeks to go has left me feeling panic with plenty of bowel movements.

I've set myself the modest target of raising £500.00 for The Cambodia Trust. To help me achieve this total I once again turn the the good people I call friends who have already this year dug deep that has seen my efforts in the Rickshaw Run and Mongol Rally raise over £6,000.
If you would like to chuck a small amount of coins into the hat, you can do so at my JustGiving webpage - The German Invasion

To help raise my set target I've also got a fully signed QPR shirt from the 2007/08 season, complete with signatures of the entire squad including Gigi De Canio, our manager at the time. This shirt is being auction on a supporters website, please get in touch if you would like more details.

Thanks again for your support!

Cambodia Trust Website
JustGiving - Mark Coughlan, The German Invasion

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Morning Private Coughlin,

Marvellous effort on the Berlin run with a time a shade over 4hours, your thunder is somewhat taken by some little African chap needing only a little over 2 hours to complete the same feat.

Well done again and it was good to catch up with you and Anita Wall-side.

Auf Wierdersehen.

Capt. Arthur Honney

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