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Thursday, 28 August 2008

If it wasn't for John Honney.....

He's a pretty inspirational fella is my mate John. He's someone who should take a pretty hefty share for the inspration over the years and for the desire to travel that even to this day is what drives me.

I first met john back in 2003 over an cheeky ale in the Bush Ranger pub (RIP), what was then a pwopa boozer but now some pouncy Starbucks yuppy type called the "Dog pissing on stinging nettles" or something.
At the time John had just returned from his latest round the world trip, this time to South America and I was a fresh faced, disenchated youngster seeking more out of life, adventure and culture (as if Shepherds Bush didn't offer that).

John has (finally) got himself a website/blog which is a truely facinating read.

Without spoiling what I hope you will all read on his blog, John is currently working for The Cambodia Trust in the Cambodian capital, Phenom Pehn - Living life as it should be, getting the most out of it whatever is thrown at you.

I just hope that when I get *cough* as old as John, that I'm still fulfilling life to the max as he clearly is.

Have a good read - John Honney: Planet Honneywood

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