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Monday, 6 October 2008

Berlin Marathon 2008: Mission complete!

It was all going so well up to the 23/24kms mark. I was a couple of minutes ahead of my pace, with an aim of 3:45 finishing time, so as I approached half way I stopped for two minutes to have a drink at 19kms where Anita was waiting. Big mistake.
When I headed off my right hamstring tightened to such an extent I thought I'd been shot in the back of the leg by a German sniper. I battled on despite having to stop for a massage on 25kms and then every 5kms thereafter to stretch, I somehow got over the finish line.
I got home in 4:02:29, slightly disappointed but glad to make it round as the last 15kms were mentally very tough.

I actually completed 27 miles, almost an extra mile, as my trusty watch gizmo tells me, I guess taking into account that you don't run in one straight line but spend much of your time weaving from one side of the road to the other trying to pass groups of people it all adds to your actual distance. When you bear that in mind and the stops for a message and stretch I should be pleased with my time.

Thanks to everyone that once again kindly sponsored me, this time raising £400.00 for The Cambodia Trust. This together with the money raised through The Rickshaw Run in January and the Mongol Rally in the summer has seen my fundraising exceed £5,000.

The Cambodia Trust
Justgiving: Mark Coughlan Berlin Marathon 2008

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