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Thursday, 24 January 2008

New photos: Bahadur Shaheed

All images - Copyright Mark Coughlan
Whilst taking on the challenge of driving a Rickshaw the length of India in the name of charity, adventure and insanity, I also had several editorial projects in India and Nepal.
Some I had been asked to cover and others ones that I wanted to pursue myself.

The first of these was a temple I have read much about was the shrine of Bahadur Shaheed, a Muslim Sufi Saint situated just outside Varanasi, Northern India.

The incredible spectacle occurs only on Thursdays, so impeccable timing was required as we left Cochin on our Rickshaw some 10 days earlier.
I afforded myself a few hours observing and shooting the rauqous atmosphere. Devotees of all ages immerse themselves in uncontrolable trances, some with such vigour and violence that it ends with them fainting.

Hundreds of pilgrims, both Muslim and Hindu converged on the temple with the courtyard and entrance to the actual shrine full to capacity.

A full photo gallery and introduction are now online at

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