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Monday, 28 January 2008

New photos: Rag Pickers

All images - Copyright Mark Coughlan
Before heading home to Blighty, I had a quick stop-off in Delhi for a few days to do some volunteer work for the Railway Children.
Meeting with a previous contact and since then a friend, I hooked up with Shekhar, himself a former runaway child who lived at New Delhi Station.

Probably not the best of timings on my behalf, I arrived as Delhi geared up for their annual Indian Independance Day with heightened security throughout Delhi, especially at the train stations. This resulted in a lack of opportunities to see and observe the children at the railway stations as they had all but been kicked out by the police in an effort to spruce up the place.

Spending my time between contact centres throughout Delhi, I spent two part days high above the city at "Highway" dump yard to do a project on "Rag Pickers" which is the latest gallery now on my portfolio.


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