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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Day Ten: Rubber croissant...

Day Ten: Wednesday 10th January 2008

An early start, but a morning off from driving the rickshaw. We spent the morning at the Bahadur Shaheed temple 12kms from Varanasi, mainly for some editorial photography I have been requested to do. Our rickshaw driver points out with great pride a McDonalds which has made its way here.
After eating (or trying to eat) the most stale, rubber croissant in India we headed off from Varanasi to Bodhgaya, the spiritual home of Buddhism.

A trouble free drive with just a couple of issues. The first tonight when the highway came to a sudden end without any warning, with our rickshaw driving straight into a building site and coming to a stop perched precariously on top of a pile of rubble. The second when the rickshaw came to an abrupt halt at full speed (nearly killing a following motorbike). Restarting the rickshaw it went and did it again. As we are not exactly mechanically minded I came to conclusion it was an air block (we'd just filled up with petrol), so I shook the rickshaw back and forwards for a few minutes. Since then, it hasn't happened again. Anyone got a scooby?

Day Ten: Varanasi to Bodhgaya
Total Daily Distance: 271kms
Total so far: 3241kms
Total Distance to go: 1259kms

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