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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Day Eight: Close shaves....

Day Eight: Monday 8th January 2008

Its a bloody miracle how I've not run someone over so far. Night time driving in India is seriouly not recommended. You just have to see the carnage on the roads in daylight from the night before with lorry, trucks, and dogs splattered across the roads.
At night, Indians like to take a walk down the middle of the equivalent of the M1 motorway. Then you have the cyclists, who have no lights, who you only see with a split second to react. You then have the tractors, and slow moving trailers with no back lights or brake lights that when you are bombing along at 40/50km/ph you only see with a second to spare. Add to this the oncoming traffic who always have their lights on main beam, so you are blinded until the oncoming vehicle passes, while trying not to hit a pedestrian or cyclist.

Way too many close shaves to mention. Seriously, my luck is going to run out some time soon.

Got feasted upon my one mosqutio last night, sooooo itchy.

Day Eight: Mansar to Khatni
Total Daily Distance: 351kms
Total so far: 2576kms
Total Distance to go: 1924kms

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