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Monday, 7 January 2008

Day Seven: Accidents galore...

Day Seven: Monday 7th January 2008

News of another accident start to filter through. A friend on the "Clacton-on-Sea Mystery Tours" team has texted me to say he turned his rickshaw over when doing 60km/ph (must have been downhill). The result is he has no skin on his arm and the team are pretty shaken up. The rickshaw has been repaired and they are back on the road, determined to get to Kathmandu.

Today was just one of those days when we thought someone was tryng to tell us something. On caining in up the National Highway we pass head on collisions between trucks that look like there would be no chance of survivors. We must have passed 3-4 incidents, some happening within an hour of us passing them the usual crowds of on-lookers that India provides.

A day when we knew there would be little hightlights due to driving up the motorway, we stumbled across a massive livestock fair with proper full-on barneys braking out between sellers and buyers.
We end today 100kms north of Nagpur, roughly two thirds of the way up India.

Day Seven: Armul to Mansar
Total Daily Distance: 447kms
Total so far: 2225kms
Total Distance to go: 2275kms

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