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Monday, 14 January 2008

Day Fourteen: In the slammer....

Day Fourteen: Monday 14th January 2008

Trouble at the border - after proceeding through probably the most relaxed border crossing we have ever done, we meet with a couple of other teams who fill us in on the latest drama on the Rickshaw Run.
It seems that one of the teams have spent the previous two nights doing porridge in a slammer at the border. Their crime was hitting a pedestrian full on at top speed. Judging by the state of their rickshaw it must have been an almighty thump. The windscreen was completely smashed and the massive dent to the front bonnet looks like someone gave it a good kicking for a couple of hours. As the day goes on the story is that it was a policeman they hit, though that might be an exaggeration, and that the chap is in neurological hospital.

The road today was in remarkably good condition with little traffic compared to India. Well, that was untill 6pm and the turn off to Janakapur when the 30kms of road (?) was like an earthquake had happened five minutes ago.

Day Fourteen: Siliguri to Janakpur
Total Daily Distance: 331kms
Total so far: 4178kms
Total Distance to go: 322kms

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