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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Day Thirteen: Tea and cakes for two....

Day Thirteen: Sunday 13th January 2008

Trust us eh. After making it through a political demonstration enroute, we arrive in a fog filled, bitter cold Darjeeling with no views of the Himalayas as we can only see 10 yards in front of us.
After a few cups and tea and enough cakes to give Anita belly ache (that'll teach ya fatty) and the customary visits to view Monastaries we headed down again after a brief visit.

Tomorrow we head into Nepal for the final 600kms to Kathmandu. Will the rickshaw make it? Well, judging by the deafening rattling and sqeeking the thing is making which if you had your eyes shut you'd think it was a diesel truck, who knows!

Wish us luck!

Day Thirteen: Siliguri to Darjeeling to Siliguri
Total Daily Distance: 0kms
Total so far: 3818kms
Total Distance to go: 682kms

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