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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Day Fifteen: The home straight...

Day Fifteen: Tuesday 15th January 2008

A late start today after "sightseeing" around Janakapur, it was a pretty easy drive as we wanted to make it to Hetauda, only 150kms to leave roughly 200kms for the final day.

Plenty of petrol stations enroute, but none with any petrol is causing a few concerns that we will actually run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. The auto-rickshaw continues to be a real crowd puller in Nepal as there is no such thing here, so should we break down we really will be up shit creek. Perhaps we should have had that service before we crossed the border. Oh well.

A few teams are in town tonight, a contingent of Spianish teams who we pass and get over taken by throughout the day and the Scottish chaps who we didn't recognise with their clothes on!

Apparently there are two roads to Kathmandu. One 150kms up and over the mountains the other 250kms around the moumtains. No-one is sure where the turn off is, so we'll head out tomorrow and see where we end up, but judging by the noise of the exhaust, we could do with going the flat way round rather than trying to get up a mountain!

Day Fifteen: Janakpur to Hetauda
Total Daily Distance: 149kms
Total so far: 4351kms
Total Distance to go: 149kms

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