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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Supporting the Railway Children, India

One of the charities who we are supporting by doing the Rickshaw Run is the Railway Children. After a quick search on Youtube, I've found a small video clip that will hopefully highlight to you all the fantastic work that the Railway Children do in India, and how your sponsorship will be used.

The Railway Children is a UK based charity that helps the runaway and abandoned children who live in or around the world's railway stations.
They have centres in India and provide a point of contact for these children by giving them shelter, healthcare, education, training and protection. Anyone who has ever travelled in India will have come into contact with the children who live around the train stations and relate to the work undertaken by this charity.

We have both been astonished by the support we have received from you all and can't thank you enough, you will see from the video clip that sponsorship really will go to a great cause.

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