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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sussex Beacon (Brighton) Half Marathon

Those that have been following my progress on Twitter will be well aware of my impending participation in the London Marathon this coming April. My ability to sprint is in no doubt following a turbulent 'yoof', running from the Rozzers in the ghetto's of West London.

The training has been going better then expected, today was the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon in Brighton and a chance to assess how the preparation is really going.
I have a bit of a habit of storming off at the start of races so today I got eye strain looking at my Garmin to ensure I religiously stick to 5 minute kilometres for the entire race.

I finish bang on my target of 1 hour, 45 minutes and pretty much a constant pace throughout, though the nasty hills at mile 8 and 11 made the final couple of miles a bit of an effort. Total distance was 21.38kms.

Two photo's I was unaware were taken and probably sums up my post race thoughts immediately after crossing the line....

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